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You probably have only the iPhoto app and not the new Photos app. If you intend to resize an image using iPhoto, you would need to add that image into the iPhoto library. If you are importing the images from some external imaging device, they might have already added into iPhoto library.

Otherwise, you can drag the images and add them up. If there is an issue with photo library, you can get the photos by recovering of iPhoto albums.

Resizing Your Pics With iPhoto

Once you are done with adding images to the library then you may proceed to resize the images. The application keeps a hold on the aspect ratio and avoids the uneven resizing of the photos. Here is how you can resize images using iPhoto:.

Launch the iPhoto application and select the photo to resize. You can choose the file type and compression quality along with the resizing of images with iPhoto. It also allows you to create a prefix for a series of images. If it is required the bulk of images are there that you want to process. You can resize the images using these applications and export into the desired location. The Preview and iPhoto applications are two of the most interactive and easy apps on your Mac for image resizing.

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Simply click the rotate button on the toolbar near the top-right of the window one or more times. To undo any changes, click the Edit menu and select Undo. Cropping an image is also simple. Preview uses the rectangular selection by default, so you should just be able to start clicking and dragging.

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Click and drag anywhere in the image to select a rectangular section of the image. It supports many measurement units, including pixels. Preview includes various image mark-up tools — the same ones that work in PDFs — which you can access by clicking the Show Markup Toolbar button near the top-right corner of the window.

The built-in Preview application also has a tool for adjusting the color levels or gamma of an image. Use the options on the pane that appears to adjust various color settings.

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When Photos 1. The latter option simply copies out the image you originally imported, including in raw file formats, like ARW.

How can I resize and rename photos using iPhoto / MAC?

In those older versions, dragging one or more photos from the app to the Desktop would not just convert the selection to a JPEG file, but also downsample it. Holding down the Option key bypassed downsampling, maintaining the full resolution, but—again, there is no old documentation—not keeping the original format.

Drag one or more images to the Finder, and the resolution will remain the same, but the file is converted to JPEG, compressed slightly differently, and its colorspace converted.