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Think again: Even the best of us can forget them from time to time, so check out these ten top tricks— taken from MacFormat's '50 awesome things you forgot your Mac could do' issue — and discover some amazing trickshots. For more, check out the September issue of MacFormat — and you can get it completely free in the app edition with a trial subscription:.

The mouse is great and all, but don't be afraid to favour keyboard shortcuts instead of a series of clicks don't worry, it won't get jealous. The developers have put in tons of keyboard shortcuts that will help you save time, and here's the best part: Everyone's got their own set of 'evergreen' apps — those that are constantly open whenever they fire up their Mac, regardless of the activity they might have planned. Wouldn't it be great if said selection of apps automatically opened every time you switched on your computer?

You can guess where this is going, can't you?

The 50 best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers

That's right, the options await at System Preferences: Got an iPhone to accompany your Mac? Hover the cursor over any text and hit the keys above to get a definition, synonyms, and links for more info.

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Alternately, hover over the word and lightly tap three fingers on your trackpad. This is the startup tone, some people don't like it. If you'd prefer a silent start, or if your life depends on one, simply hold down the mute button.

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Hit 'Create Signature' and hold the paper up to your iSight camera. Once Preview has detected the signature, hit 'Accept'.

12 Cool Mac Tricks You Did Not Know (2017)

Now you can sign forms without printing. Mission Control lets you see everything you've got open, and quickly switch between windows. Great when you're feeling disorganised. Alternatively, swipe up with four fingers on your track pad.

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If you've got half a dozen Finder windows open, you can gather them into a single, tabbed window without having to close any. If you're on a Skype call or listening to some dope beats and don't want the volume noise interrupting, just hold Shift while you turn the sound up or down.

Think you know your Mac? Think again

If you're trying to get shit done, you can select "Do Not Disturb" in the notification sidebar and you won't get pop up notifications until tomorrow. Sometimes you need to quickly see your desktop.

Regardless of what critics say, though, this is Apple. That means people are going to buy these things. And since these are the most significant refreshes to come to the Mac lineup in years, they're likely to reel in more than a few newcomers to macOS.