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It's good to be aware of Data Tables so that, if the need ever arises, you know they exist and can then go use them. Pivot tables are super-powerful. They are also super-simple to understand. So many people don't know how to use pivot tables. In just a few short minutes, this video will make you an expert in pivot tables. When the underlying data of a pivot table changes, the pivot table does not automatically change.

To update a pivot table, you must manually refresh it. This video explains all of this and shows you what to do. You are going to see some cool things about pivot tables in this video. You will learn how to create nested data which you can drill into to see underlying relationships. You do not have pivot charts, nor do you have pivot slicers, on the Mac. These features are only on Excel for Windows.

Microsoft Office 365 apps are now available in the Mac App Store

This video will explain these features and direct you to resources for learning about how to use them on a Windows machine. Formatting your worksheets is important. Join me on a quick tour of some of things we will learn about formatting worksheets. Thinking about content, and the form that it takes, is important in many areas of life.

Being able to give the content of your spreadsheets good form will help you more effectively achieve your goals. Learn how to very quickly use predefined styles to format your worksheets and make them beautiful. This is a quick tour of some of the additional amazing things you can do with Excel to format your worksheets. Inserting and formatting images in Excel is a super great thing to learn. Watch this video to learn the many powerful adjustments you can apply to photos and images in Excel.

Excel lets you inserts many types of media into your spreadsheets: audio files, movies, symbols, clip art, shapes. This video will show you the difference between these various items and how to use them in your spreadsheets. This video will show you how to place and format pointing arrows, circle highlights, and even a yellow smiley face onto your spreadsheets. This video is amazing; fantastic; wonderful; incredible.

How To Download Microsoft Office For Free (Mac 2019) - Includes Word/Powerpoint/Excel/Outlook

Watch it to learn how to add text-boxes with hyperlinks. Seriously, this video rocks, and the skills you are going to get from it will amaze your friends.

Secrets and tips for the Windows 10 May 12222 update

Word art lets you put in professional looking large typography. This video shows you how to use it. Come explore the home ribbon with me!

Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac

Page setup is the magical place where you can make adjustments to your spreadsheet so that it will print beautifully. This video will show you how to apply gridlines and headings, as well as how to include a column or row heading on every page of your data. Headers and footers in Excel are not intuitive. I will also show you how to put page numbers on every page of your printed spreadsheets.

You can scale the content your spreadsheets. This allows you to adjust how much is shown on each page.

Using this technique, you can find the perfect printed display of your spreadsheets. Watch me try to create one and not have it work! This video shows you how to protect other people from entering data into certain areas of your worksheets. Search for anything. Udemy for Business.

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In order to participate in the hands-on portions of this course, you will need to have Microsoft Excel. Who this course is for:. Course content. Expand all 81 lectures Preview Video Settings. This video will show you how to locate and download the files used in the course. Locating Files Used In Course. This quiz will give you a quick review of the material we just learned!

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Section 1 Review. Introduction To Excel. Relative References. Absolute References. Learn how to create charts in Microsoft Excel. Calculating Your Grade. Copying Data From The Web. Gathering Data With Online Forms. These quiz questions will give you a quick review of what you've learned in section 2. Section 2 Review.